Monday 1/29/18

Hello friends and welcome to the new school year!
Some of the classes are being shortened because of an extended homeroom; therefore, 4th period will accomplish more than 1st. Here is a truncated version of the day's agenda:
  • Seating chart
  • Cell phone policy: If students have less than three cell phones per week, they will have the last 20 minutes on class on Friday to enjoy themselves. If a person receives three violations on his/her on, I will contact his/her parents.
  • Notebook set up
  • Next, students wrote a paragraph to the very best of their ability which will be used as baseline data.
  • Syllabus
  • Class rules
  • Comment Box (Looks like Darth Vader's head)
  • Food and Drinks in the room
  • Heading Papers
  • How to take notes for class
  • Silent Reflections at the end of the day:
    1. What did you learn today?
    2. What did you find interesting?
    3. What did you not enjoy?
    4. What can you do to improve your learning/understanding/grade for the future?